Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing FAQs

  • You can but we will deliver better results. We have 10+ years experience and will save you time and money by not doing it yourself. You are better off focusing on your business. We can, however, train your staff to manage your campaigns better if you don’t want an agency.

  • We have experts that specialise in each field – search, social, display etc. – and can deliver whichever services you require. We won’t push services you don’t need either.

  • Such as position 1 on Google for ‘car insurance’? No.

    We don’t guarantee specific results as there are too many outside factors. We will make forecasts where possible and always manage your expectation to ensure you are not disappointed.

  • We have 10+ years experience in digital marketing delivering tangible results.

    References and case studies are available so call us for a chat and we’ll take it from there.

  • It depends on your site, your target market and your budget.

    On-site SEO will include optimising page titles, meta tags and the structure. Off-site SEO can include acquiring links, building the brand awareness and demonstrating authority on a given subject.

  • This will vary by business. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Reputation and Reviews FAQs

  • We monitor the main ones – Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor and there are dozens of others that can be tracked too.

  • A huge variety of places including Twitter, other social media sites and blogs.

  • You can use the interface and reply yourself – the self service option – or we can reply for you, to all reviews across all platforms.

  • Yes. Diverse studies, including one by Harvard Business Review, show that a user is less likely to leave a bad review if they think it will get a reply. They want to complain, not engage. Keeping on top of reviews is paramount to business success.

  • Certainly. We can send all replies to you for approval or we can reply straightaway without the need for approval.

  • Normally we reply within 6 hours but it depends on the  time of day. 24 hours is the maximum for a reply to be made.

  • We work with businesses to formulate replies for every situation so we know how to reply 99% of the time. A very dissatisfied customer may be referred to the business owner to liaise with directly, in certain cases.

  • No. Once we start managing your reviews we will reply to them all, irrespective of how many there are.

  • The fees begin at around £2 a day for the self serve software, negotiable.

    For the hands-off review service fees begin at £5 a day.

Site Management FAQ

  • It ensuring your site performs as you wish, that clients can find it and that users find it easy to use.

    This is done through a mixture of design and testing.

  • Yes. Most sites are made in Wordpress so we are very used to working with it. We can also work with HTML, Concrete5, Umbraco and other platforms too.

  • Generally not. We can design a new site or update an existing site only in which case there’s nothing ongoing. If you want regular content added and other regular tasks carried out then an ongoing fee can be negotiated.

General FAQs

  • No. Despite our history of working with brands such as Asda and ASOS we are now focused on helping smaller businesses too. The same techniques apply for businesses big and small in many cases.

  • A lot of our work has been freelance for bigger agencies but we intend to make our own name heard more now!

  • Of course. Our references are from LinkedIn so you can find them, from verified sources, any time.

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